Google is the Hub of Finance


Google Finance is the simplest way to find data on financial securities, such as mutual funds, stocks, indexes, and currency exchange rates. You can also search virtual currency rates on “Google Finance Hub.”

This article will provide you with a piece of complete information about Google Finance in understanding as well as searching your required stocks and finances.

History of Google

Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the founders of Google company. In 1996 when both were Stanford University in California students, they developed a search algorithm. In 1998 The Google company was officially launched. In 2002 company Launched Google News, and in 2003 company set the growth momentum. 2004 provided Gmail, and in 2005 Google Maps launched Google Chrome 2008. In 2011 provided a social network known as Google++ and many other products. Google became the primary subsidiary of the holding company Alphabet Inc. in 2015. In this, all-time search engines went through many updates to optimize the search results. Right now, Google is the most popular and efficient search engine and is user-friendly.

History of Google Finance

On March 21, 2006, Google Finance was launched Google. At that time, significant features were business and enterprise headlines about many corporations regarding their financial decisions and news events. Stock prices and charts were available, containing news, events, and corporate actions.

On December 12, 2006, Google launched a revamped version of its finance site. Includes new home page design, which allows users to see information about currency, U.S market performance, and published important news relevant to Finances. This update enables U.S stocks and Finance Portfolio options charts based on the last 40 years’ data. In June 2008, NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange became partners with Google.

On November 18, 2008, Google added advertising on the Google Finance page. However, since 2008 Google does not do significant upgrades, and Google Finance Blog was also closed in August 2012. In September 2017, Google announced that the website was under renovation and the portfolio section would not be available until mid of November 2017. In 2018 website was renovated and advertised stocks from the old portfolio. Google also introduces a feature for users to download the portfolio as a CSV file. In 2015 Google Finance App was removed from Google Play Store.

Features of Google Finance

A few great features of Google Finance is here below;

Stock Exchanges

There are 60 major stock exchanges globally, all linked with Google Finance. By using Google Finance, you do not need to visit all exchanges’ official websites. It lets you get all the essential information regarding stocks and market trends. The world’s top 10 indexes are linked with Google Finance;

No Stock Exchanges Year of Formation Country Market Capital
1 Hong Kong Stock Exchange 1891 Hong Kong $43.64 Trillion
2 New York Stock Exchange 1792


United States $26.2 Trillion
3 Shanghai Stock Exchange 1866 China $6.87 Trillion
4 European New Exchange Technology 2000 Europe $6.65 Trillion
5 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1898 Japan $5.67 Trillion
6 Shenzhen Stock Exchange 1990 China $5.24 Trillion
7 London Stock Exchange 1801 United Kingdom $4.13 Trillion
8 Bombay Stock Exchange 1875 India $3.5 Trillion
9 Toronto Stock Exchange 1861 Canada $3.1 Trillion
10 National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)


1971 United States $28.28 Billion

This table gives you an idea that you can take updates from Google Finance and check trades of all giant global markets.

On the Google Finance page, you can check the global index market divided into three major parts.

  • U.S
  • Europe
  • Asia

All impact indexes are available here with a single click, and you can check real-time stock changes.

Currencies Exchange

People use the barter system in old age to exchange goods and services. In the next stage, the man set gold, silver, and copper coins to exchange goods and services. Gradually, paper currency replaces gold and silver coins; now, 99% of the world uses paper money directly or indirectly. Earth has 193 countries, and from those, 180 countries and their currencies. And every paper money is unacceptable in every country; to find a solution to this problem. Genius minds set United States Dollar as the benchmark currency to compare and convert local currencies. So for this need to set real-time exchange rates according to the demand and supply and other factors.

On Google finance, you can check the real-time exchange rates of all currencies. You do need to work hard on everything regarding currency exchange like;

  • Charts
  • Diagrams
  • Increase and Decrease in Currencies
  • Past Data Analysis
  • Can Compare any Currency with any Other

All international businesses need to be alert, especially when converting currencies. Google Finance assists them with the currency market and makes it easy to make prompt decisions to help business growth.

Crypto Currencies:

All Crypto currencies are known as digital currencies. As we all know, the world will move to digital currency sooner or later, and with time, paper money will no more. According to, more than 21,650 digital currencies are available. The demand for digital currencies is very high, and the digital currency exchange market help in buying and selling these assets. You can check all updates, market trends, and exchange rates in any local currency on Google Finance. All information available on Google Finance is available according to real-time exchange rates. Charts, diagrams, and comparisons with other digital currencies and local currencies are available on Google Finance.

The top ten crypto currencies are mentioned according to volume.

No Currency Formation Market Capitalization
1 Bit coin (BTC) 2009 $389.8 Billion
2 Ethereum (ETH) 2016 $189.3 Billion
3 Tether (USDT) 2014 $69.5 Billion
4 Binance Coin (BNB) 2017 $61.1 Billion
5 U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC) 2018 $43.0 Billion
6 Binance USD (BUSD) 2019 $22.8 Billion
7 XRP (XRP) 2017 $22.7 Billion
8 Doge coin (DOGE) 2013 $14.37 Billion
9 Cardano (ADA) 2017 $14.1 Billion
10 Solana (SOL) 2017 $11.1 Billion


You can check out any analysis on the Google Finance portal hub and create your portfolio. So here, all critical updated information is always available, and you can make your decisions after reviewing the trends.

Future Predictions

Investors continuously invest for future earnings, and they need to do lots of research and analysis. After completing market research and surveys, they decided to invest their capital in the market. Google Finance provides you with database analysis about stocks and some standard future predictions to give you direction. It is a great feature; when you get some authentic information, you can research that area and save time and money.

Market Trends

Experts always follow the present trend and keep an eye on future trends. A financial market trend is to move forward in an exciting direction. These trends can be longer, medium, or short term, but in the financial market when ignoring the trends means loss of money and time. Here you also need to work so hard to find the market trends. Google Finance tries to help you save time and research work. You can make your decision after searching financial market trends on Google Finance. It’s easy to find out where you need to invest your money and where you can get the maximum return on your capital. So it is an excellent platform for getting information and making decisions about investments in stocks, gold, currencies, crypto currencies, etc.

Google Finance Portfolio

Google Finance portfolio is a great feature where you can create your portfolio. You can add your indexes, mutual funds, stocks, and currency to your portfolio. It allows you a timeline you can check many comparisons with other investments. It also allows you a watch list option, and you can keep an eye on your interest area of investment. Google Finance portfolio always keeps you update and alert about your checklist. So by using this, investors and beginners can save time and money and do a complete financial market analysis. These analyses secure their investments and have fewer chances of losses.


Although is the biggest giant in the internet world, one common question is asked about Google Finance.

Is Google Finance have any competitors?

The answer is yes; Google Finance has competitors, and a few of them are listed below;

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Morning Star
  • Personal Capital
  • MSN Money
  • com
  • SigFig

You can take help from all the above finance platforms; you can get the primary required data from all these. But mainly yahoo finance is the main competitor of Google Finance rest are not at its level. Most businesses rely on these two channels to make decisions regarding investment and future assessments.

So in this article, we can also make a quick and short comparison between these two giants. It will be good engagement for the audience to find their results.

Yahoo Finance Vs Google Finance

So let’s check and compare all the features and services both financial platform offer.

Website Interface

Both website interfaces provide details about stocks, indexes, and currencies for mutual funds. The starter detail provided by Google Finance is enough, but if you are an established business owner or financial advisor, this detail is not enough for you. Yahoo Finance provides a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of indexes and stocks. So you can do thorough research work on Yahoo Finance. In the website Interface, Yahoo Finance is the winner.

Analysis Detail

Google Finance provides limited options to compare stocks, like charts and diagrams; you need to do lots of scrolling work to find the ratios. As well as all detailed analyses not available on Google Finance. When we check Yahoo Finance, it provides us with a range of research. For a demo, I typed in Coca-Cola and hit the enter button.

Yahoo Finance has shown me detailed information about the stock. It offers stock opening price, Day’s range, 52 weeks high-low, Avg. volume, Market cap, Pe, EPS, ex-dividend date, and much more. In Analysis Detail, Yahoo Finance is the winner.

Stock Charts

A stock chart is the most used feature of the finance portal to check the past performance of the stocks. Google Finance and Yahoo Finance provide stock chart options. Yahoo Finance offers charts with comprehensive details such as; date range section and technical indicators. You need to select the chart intervals; it will show you various options to compare, like; 1 hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, up to maximum. It also offers to compare more stocks with your stock simultaneously. So it clarifies understanding of market trends and makes it easy to make investment decisions.

On the other hand, Google Finance also provides a chart detail option, but the analysis between stocks is minimal. Investors cannot decide on behalf of this information. That is why investors did not rely on Google Finance; they preferred Yahoo Finance for analyzing the financial market. In the stock chart, Yahoo Finance is the winner.

Stock News

Yahoo Finance shows financial news from limited sources. At the same time, Google Finance offers financial information from lots of dominant websites. The latest transmission is quite frequent on Google Finance compared to Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Finance shows news based on the category like Business which comprises all types of business news. At the same time, Google Finance only offers information related to stocks and capital markets. In the Stock News, Google Finance is the winner.

Portfolio Management

Yahoo Finance offers a portfolio service where you can add and update your stocks and portfolio. At the same time, Google Finance doesn’t provide any portfolio services. It offers only the ‘Add to Watchlist’ feature, which only tracks the price movement of the stock’s price.

Yahoo Finance offers a portfolio wherein you can add the script and quantity of your choice and track the profit & loss of your portfolio in real time. You have to log in to Yahoo Finance, select the script of your choice and add the quantity and purchase price. It will automatically be saved to your portfolio and shows the P&L for that particular script in your portfolio.

You can even import data from Google Finance to your portfolio. There is an option for export/import for the portfolio. The data can be imported or exported in CSV file format, which can be easily viewed in MS excel software for further analysis or as a backup. In Portfolio Management, Yahoo Finance is the Winner.

Exchange Data Accuracy and Speed

It is the essential service anyone wants to see while checking stock data online. While checking both portals, I found that both claim to provide the stock data in real-time. Below is the proof of the same.

Both portals offer accurate data in real time. But if you also want to check the data for the mutual funds, Yahoo Finance is what you have to choose. You can even add your mutual fund SIPs to Yahoo Finance’s portfolio.

Google Finance doesn’t offer comprehensive data for mutual funds on its portal. Moreover, you cannot add that data to your portfolio because no portfolio is available on Google Finance. In Exchange Data Accuracy and Speed, Yahoo Finance is the winner.


Some common questions asked by people regarding Google Finance are answered below;

Is Google Finance Free?

Yes, if you have a Gmail account, you can free setup Google Finance, and it’s pretty user-friendly. You can create your portfolio does not need any requirements.

Can you withdraw money from Google Finance?

You can withdraw money easily from Google Finance through the Google Pay option. You need to link your debit or credit card with Google Pay and can transfer from Google Wallet into your bank in less than 24 hours.

Which is better, Yahoo Finance or Google Finance?

Google Finance Sheets is a limited feature platform that provides basic information about stock currencies. At the same time, Yahoo Finance gives you more detailed information about stocks and the market. So Yahoo Finance is far better than Google Finance.

Which finance website is the best? is ranked the number 1 finance website for October 2022. The average time the user spends on the website is 4 minutes.


As discussed in the above article Google Finance is one of the biggest platforms for finance users. You can take help guidelines about stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, etc. It also allows you portfolio and watches list options to create your portfolio for investment and add stocks to the watch list. It will all help you while you will make investment decisions. But if you are already an expert in all these essential finance tools, then you need to move on to Yahoo Finance because Yahoo Finance provides you with a more detailed and comprehensive analysis.

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